Devices / Chemical Vapor Deposition
Elegant route to the fabrication of nanodevices: graphene, carbon nanotubes, semiconductors.
CVD-CX / Advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
CVD-GX / Specially designed for CVD synthesis of graphene with excellent quality
CVD-BTT5 / Thermal CVD for CNT Synthesis
CVD-BTT7 / Thermal CVD for CNT Synthesis
CVD-BTB / Benchtop Mini CVD for CNT Synthesis
CVD-BTM / Benchtop Mini CVD for Enhanced CNT Synthesis
CVD-BTPro / Benchtop Mini CVD for Professional CNT Synthesis
CVD-BTC / Thermal CVD for Nanocarbon-Inorganic Nanocomposite Synthesis
CVD-BTF / Thermal CVD for Carbon Microcoil Synthesis
CVD-G / Thermal CVD for Graphene Synthesis