Our new website launched introducing novel corporate identity of Grafen
Recently, we have re-designed our corporate identity with new business policy and novel brand. This new design will enable you to find our products and solutions more efficiently. Along with infrastructural reorganization in our commercial services, we have added numerous items to our product line.

We have improved our flagship products i.e. graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, metal/oxide nanopowders, biomaterials like nanocrystalline cellulose and polylactic acid, electrospinning and laboratory extruder devices. There are also newly added exciting products such as nanodiamonds, nanorods/nanowires, nanoclays, conductive polymers like polyaniline and PEDOT-PSS, metal organic frameworks and Raman spectroscopy tools.
Grafen in Progress
Graphenea names Grafen Co. as the Middle East distributor
Grafen Develops Universal Thermoplastic Masterbatch of Graphene
Recent outage and technical problems in our website
Al-Hamlah to invest $1.8 million in Grafen Co.