Grafen Co. and BPCI Ukraine team up on functional materials research
Grafen Co. in collaboration with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of National Academy of Sciences (BPCI) of Ukraine has set up a research initiative. Collaboration agreement has been signed between Sergiy Rogalsky, Head of Polymer Modification Laboratory at BPCI and Ibrahim Mutlay, Chief Science Officer at Grafen Co. 

The aim is to develop an interdisciplinary approach toward joint exploration of the diversity of the potential material innovations in the fields of antimicrobials, biopolymers and nanostructured materials and to seek commercialization opportunities. Design and fabrication of novel macromolecular biocides for high temperature thermoplastic processing and advanced industrial applications of ionic liquids are chosen as first term research targets however both side of the collaboration agree to expand this joint project to wide ranging topics like new generation low-toxicity plasticizers in near future. 
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